Slow-Down massage

Slow down from everyday life and take the time to come back to yourself.

In this massage, very slow strokes are applied over the whole body along the energy channels. Through the calm and conscious touch you will come deeper and deeper to yourself.
A soothing relaxation spreads throughout the body and soothes the mind.
Balinese massage techniques are also used to achieve deep muscular and tissue coatings.
The whole massage is embedded in a feeling whole-
Body to Body Massage that awakens sensuality and security.
Now that you feel so comfortable and refreshed, we revitalize you with a focused stress build-up at the Lingam. With deliberately gentle to intensive grips, you are slowly but steadily led to the climax.

A truly harmonious massage that helps restore and maintain balance in the body.

60 minutes – 120€

90  minutes    –   145€

120 minutes   –  195€

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